May I Help You - District Police, Jaisalmer

जिला पुलिस जैसलमेर आपका स्वागत करती हैं - डॉ; राजीव पचार, आईपीएस, जिला पुलिस अधीक्षक

स्वर्ण नगरी जैसलमेर में आपका स्वागत है। जिला पुलिस जैसलमेर आपकी सेवा में सदेव तत्पर हैं! किसी भी प्रकार कि अवॉछनीय गतिविधि प्रकाश में आने पर तुरंत १०० नम्बर पर सुचना देने का आपका कर्तव्य हे! वेबसाइट के सम्बन्ध में आप अपने सुझाव तथा विचार रखना चाहते हैं तो पुलिस अधीक्षक कार्यालय कि डीसीआरबी शाखा में सम्पर्क कर सकते हैं ! जिला पुलिस सदैव आपके साथ हैं ! जैसलमेर शहर कि यातायात व्यवस्था को बनाए रखने मे आप अपना पूर्ण सहयोग यातायात पुलिस को दें ताकि हम आपको और भी बेहतर सेवाये दे सके ! शहर के अंदरूनी भाग के व्यापारियों से मेरा निवेदन हे कि वे अपने वाहनों को एक निच्शित स्थान पर ही खड़ा करे ताकि शहर के अंदरूनी भाग मे भीडभाड ना हो।

Crime Prevention Tips - Suspicious Objects

Citizens are requested that information regarding any suspicious activities, abandoned vehicles, articles, and other objects be promptly communicated to the police at the nearest police station or on telephone Number - 100. The police also be informed of any strangers who may have come to stay in your neighborhood and whose activities appear suspicious. Information given by citizens regarding any suspicious persons and their activities will be kept confidential.
The police will continue to organise nakabandis, combing and search operations and therefore citizens are requested to cooperate and bear with inconvenience, if any.
Citizens may please note the following precautions:
· Stay calm and do not get panicky.
· Discourage rumour mongering
· Do not touch any unidentified object. Explosive could be concealed in anything like toys, transistors, lunch boxes.
· Do not accept any parcel from strangers.
· Sensitise all your family members, especially children.
· Ensure that you roll up all windows and quarter glasses of the vehicle and lock up the vehicle every time you park it. Bonnet and dickey should also be properly secured.
· Before opening a car door, make sure that its dickey, bonnet, doors have not been tempered with. If there is any suspicion, help of local police should be taken. Pass on information about the abandoned vehicles, articles etc. promptly to the police at the nearest police station or on phone number 100.

Crime Prevention Tips - Vehicle Theft

Every year nearly 36,000 vehicles worth Rs.115 crore are stolen in India. Only about 14,500 are traced, often in unroadworthy condition, with many components missing. These vehicles are stolen because the thief is given the opportunity. Very often cars are left improperly secured and unattended. It is only with the installation of anti-theft devices that a thief's attempts can be frustrated. Parking in a secured parking facility (garage, petrol pump, etc.) at night also safe-guards against theft.
If such parking facilities are not available, parking in a well-lit area is the next best alternative. It is advisable to get the number of your car etched on your windscreens and window glasses. It helps the authorities trace your car if stolen.

What you should do...
· Never leave keys in the ignition or leave the car running, even for a moment.
· Use securing devices like steering lock, clutch lock, brake lock, etc.
· Double-check all doors, including the boot.
· If possible install loud alarm systems in your car, so that thieves will be discouraged even if they manage to break into your car.
· Try and use detachable music systems and take them with you whenever you park the car for a long time, so that there is no temptation for thieves to make a quick steal when they see expensive items in parked cars.
· Paint car number on the front and rear of the body, apart from number plates. Ideally, have it etched on the windscreens and window glasses too. This prevents them from being misused by criminals using fake number plates.

What you should not do...
· Never leave the vehicle door unlocked, nor the windows partially open. Make sure that the quarter glasses are properly secured.
· Do not leave valuables inside the car, even if it is locked, as this will attract thieves.
· Do not cut down on extra fittings, as these tempt prospective thieves.
· Never, we repeat, never leave the key dangling in the ignition.

In case your vehicle is stolen...
· Report the theft to the nearest police station or call on 100.
. Inform your insurance company.